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front view of box of KANNOODLE PYRAMID game Includes 200 PuzzlesRear view of box of Kanoodle Pyramid Puzzle game showing board and pieces
Kanoodle Pyramid Game
Sale price$24.99
black mug with white hair and yellow glasses graphic with white mensa logo
Bistro Mug - Black
Sale price$10.00
20 oz Tumbler - Blue
20 oz Tumbler - Blue
Sale price$20.00
LVL UP Woven Patch Hat - White/Heather Grey/RoyalLVL UP Woven Patch Hat - White/Heather Grey/Royal
photo of mensa quote book in blue. "i am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination" - albert einstein printed on front in cursive. mensa logo and mensa written of mensa quote notebook in blue. spine visible on right white stitching.
Mensa Quote Notebook - Blue
Sale price$10.00
white wireless charging pad with blue mensa square logo on frontback of wireless charging pad showing cable
Yellow brain shaped stress ball with blue "Mensa" textside view of yellow brain stress ball
Brain Stress Ball
Sale price$3.00
wireless earbuds in case with flip top openMensa Wireless earbuds in case, white case with blue MENSA text and logo
Front view of grey beanie with Mensa icon logo in blackfront view of grey beanie as it would fit on head with Mensa icon logo in black
Mensa Icon Beanie - Grey
Sale price$20.00
blue and white scarf with small mensa logo on endblue and white scarf with small Mensa logo on end
Mensa Scarf - Royal/White
Sale price$22.00
navy mug with white square mensa logorear view of navy mug with white "Genius Fuel" text
Genius Fuel 12oz Mug - Navy
Sale price$15.00
2 whiskey glasses with Black mensa logo on side with set of black whiskey stones with mensa logo etched on side included with a wooden carrying case with mensa logo and blank muslin bagcloseup of black whiskey stones with etched Mensa logo
Speakeasy Whiskey Glass Set
Sale price$120.00
teal v neck tee with dark blue mensa logo on top leftteal v neck tee with dark blue mensa logo on top left
Mensa Icon V-neck - Teal
Sale price$28.00
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front of package of KANOODLE game a caboodle of brain-teasing puzzles! now with 200 NEW puzzles!back of Kanoodle game ages 7 to adult construct caboodles of 2-d and 3-d puzzles with this brain-twisting solitaire game. Pick a puzzle from the book, set up the challenge, and then place the remaining pieces to solve the puzzle. Hundreds of possible combinations, but only one completes the puzzle
Kanoodle Game
Sale price$13.99
Green Holiday ornament with white mensa textGreen ornament with white and yellow Hair and Glasses on side
black women's v-neck with white atom mensa graphic on front
Women's Atom V-Neck - Black
Sale price$24.00
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